Contacting Us

Hiring the Church

To hire the church for a specific event please contact
Sally Day 01603 260210.

The hire charges are as follows:
£8.00 per hour (or part hour). + £5 per session when heating used.
Minimum charge £10.00
Maximum charge £40.00 for full day use
20% discount (£6.40 per hour or part hour) for:
• Block bookings of 6 sessions or more
• Single bookings from not-for-profit organisation.
• Fund raising events for not-for-profit organisations.
No bookings beyond 9pm except by prior arrangement.
Please note that start and finish times must allow for setting up and tidying away. Fees must be paid at least a week in advance and are non-refundable.

Church Officials

To contact an official associated with St.Margaret's church please use one of the following e-mail addresses: